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What is occult?

The term occult comes from a Latin word and means "knowledge of thehidden." It is used to refer to things pertaining to thesupernatural or metaphysical.
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What is occultism?

Study of the paranormal. Study of the super natural. Any paranormal or supernatural will be explored in occultism. what are the different scales for occultism?
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What is an occult hernia?

An example of an occult hernia would be when a person has persistent inguinal (groin) pain with no obvious physical sign of the hernia.

What is the occult?

Something that is hidden and no matter how hard you try, you will never find it! So, that something, fades into nothingness!
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Is Muslim an occult?

Islam is a monotheistic religion that believe in Allah as the one true god and Muhammad as his prophet.

Is freemasons occultic?

No. Because Freemasonry has its roots in the middle ages when literacy was not the norm, the rituals make use of symbols and metaphors that were in common usage within the Eur (MORE)

What is the occult in Macbeth?

Let's start with the witches and their ability to foretell the future. They are also able to call up spirits who can also see the future, with the aid of a cauldron full of po (MORE)

Is the occult real?

Some of it is. In l9l7 the Catholic Church issued a blasting ban on Spiritualism via the Holy officer ( the censoring arm). You don"t ban things unless they are at least poten (MORE)