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What is occult?

The term occult comes from a Latin word and means "knowledge of the  hidden." It is used to refer to things pertaining to the  supernatural or metaphysical.

What is an occult neoplasm?

An occult neoplasm is a more complicated way of saying a hidden tumour. In medical terminology the adjective occult is used for a symptom or substance which is so small in amo (MORE)
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Presence of Occult Blood in the Stool?

  Presence of occult fecal blood in stool is often used as an indicator of peptic ulcers or colorectal cancer, depending on what other signs/symptoms are present. It's i (MORE)
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What is urine occult blood?

  Normally there is no protein detectable on a urinalysis strip. Protein can indicate kidney damage, blood in the urine, or an infection. Up to 10% of children can have pr (MORE)

Was nicoli tesla into the occult?

Nikola Tesla was a famous inventor and made many contributions to modern technology some far in advance such as his wireless-power system which would have played hob with Radi (MORE)

Is the Phoenix occult?

The Phoenix comes from graeco-roman mythology (though there is reason to believe that it may come from even earlier sources like the Sumerian and Babylonian). It has always be (MORE)

Will there be a Doctor Occult TV Series?

There were rumors of DC Comics Doctor Occult as a part of a TV series back in the early 1990s. Perhaps he could now be a part of the new Warner Brothers movie about The Justic (MORE)

How do you join the occult?

There is no one way to join the occult since the occult covers such a broad range of subjects. It seems that many people think of magick when they hear the word occult, or g (MORE)

How do you use the word occult in a sentence?

Occult comes from the latin meaning "hidden" and can be used as both an adjective or a noun. One usually referrs to "occult wisdom" or "occult arts" but it is equally valid to (MORE)