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What was Zephaniah occupation?

His occupation was to become a dancer but unfortunatly he became a writer which he now likes
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What is Oprah's occupation?

She is the owner of Harpo Corporation. This corporation produces television shows, publishes a magazine, and owns a cable network (along with a bunch of other stuff). Oprah' ( Full Answer )
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What is secondary occupation?

A secondary occupation is a job that a person has. However, it isnot their primary or first job. It could be a hobby in which theyreceive money for selling goods or even a par ( Full Answer )
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What is your occupation?

A person's occupation is the work they do to earn their living. For example: taxi driver, reporter, musician, doctor, lifeguard, sales person, cashier, etc.
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What are occupations?

An occupation means job/work or what you do for a living. If you are asking what it means, there you go. If you are asking for an example of one, then: Vet, singer, dancer, ar ( Full Answer )
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What does occupation?

Occupation means the same thing as job. "My new occupation is lifeguarding." "My new job is lifeguarding."
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What occupation is a Carter?

someone that drives a wagon in the colonial times and takes aroud wood,coal.and other goods
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What was the occupation for Amos?

He was a sheep raiser ... (Amos 1:1) (Amos 1:1) ". . . A′mos, who happened to be among the sheep raisers from Te‧ko′a, . . ." He worked seasonally as a n ( Full Answer )
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What is occupants?

Occupants are those that occupy something. A family are theoccupants of their home, for example.