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What is a ocean?

An ocean (from Ωκεανός, Okeanos (Oceanus) in Greek ) is a major body of saline water , and a principal component of the hydrosphere . Approximate (MORE)

What does the ocean do?

The ocean does many things that can affect the people and theearth. Some of the things that the ocean does is moderate thetemperatures, providing food and absorbing carbon.

What is an ocean?

An ocean is a major body of saline water, and a principal component of the hydrosphere. Approximately 71% of the Earth's surface (an area of some 361 million square kilometers (MORE)

Where are the oceans?

Pacific Ocean-Between North America and China.. Alantic Ocean-between the East coast of North America and Europe. Artic Circle- Above the Alantic Ocean by Greenland. Artic (MORE)

How do you get an ocean?

No one can 'get' an ocean because there is no more land (or water) to discover on the Earth. There is only one country that 'has' an ocean, and that is India, with the Indian (MORE)
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What is an ocean to ocean plate boundary?

A tectonic boundary where two oceanic lithospheric plates are either moving away from one another and new crust is formed, or moving toward each other, in which the more dense (MORE)

Why do we have oceans?

The ocean is a very important habitat for life. We need some air,justified temperatures and enough water to survive long enough. Theocean is a huge source of water which we ne (MORE)