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How do you drill lexan?

with a drill bit...... ANS 2 - It helps if you use an automatic centre punch first, so the bit doesn't slide. Also it's better if the drill bit is NOT new, so the edges are (MORE)

What is vsr drill?

variable speed drill No. The correct answer is: Variable Speed Reversing, meaning it has a switch that lets you run the drill clockwise or counterclockwise, at any speed from (MORE)

Are there drills that drill square holes?

Yes, they are generally based on Reuleaux triangle shape, which is mounted eccentrically so points on its contour track a square shape when rotated.   Another way to "dril (MORE)

Why is the drilling derrick called the drilling derrick?

"Derrick" comes from 'Thomas Derrick', a hangman who invented a type of gallows using a movable beam and pulley system during the Elizabethan era. During his lifetime, Derrick (MORE)

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What is a mock drill?

mock drill is a practice or a trial warning by school, acting as a disaster is happened in the school or nearly the school , they are considered an integrated part of disaster (MORE)

What is a drill method?

A drill method would likely refer to the way in which you put  something together, and what tools you are using to do so. The  drill method would mean that you are using a d (MORE)
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What is borehole drilling?

Borehole drilling is the drilling of a narrow shaft into the Earths surface, they're constructed for a range of different purposes such as the extraction of water or other liq (MORE)