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What is a musical octave?

There are 7 notes on a piano. A,B,C,D,E,F, and G. Then it repeats back to A. So if you are going from A, all the way to G and another step, that would take you back to A. This (MORE)

What is one octave higher in piano?

If you look at the piano keys you will notice there is a pattern in the way the black notes interleave the white notes. This pattern is repeated several times along the keyboa (MORE)

What is an octave in piano?

The same note played in two places eight keys apart. (Seven, depending on how you count it.) The symbol 8va on sheet music means to play one octave higher.
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What does octave means?

an eight note scale. ----------------------------- The term "octave" refers to the distance (interval) between one note and the very next note with the same name. For exam (MORE)

What is eight octave?

Answer . I could be proving my age and missing the question completely; if so, accept my apology. Are you asking 'what is eight octaves?' as on a piano? If that is your qu (MORE)
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Where are the octaves on guitar neck?

Between the open string and the 12th fret is the obvious scale. Between any 12 frets on the same string is also an octave. Of course, octave scales can be played across string (MORE)