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What is ODESSA?

It is a city in the Ukraine! OR! It means "Organisation Der Ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen". Which was a Nazi SS organization designed to help Nazi war criminals escape.
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What is the capital of Odessa?

Found on the northwestern shore of the Black Sea, Odessa is theadministrative center of the Odessa Oblast. It is the third mostpopulous city of Ukraine, a major tourism center ( Full Answer )
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How long do odessa barb live?

About 2-5 years, depending on filtration, size of tank, heat of tank and many other factors.
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What continent is Odessa in?

There are multiple Odessa's in two continents. - NORTH AMERICA: Odessa, Ontario, Canada Odessa, Saskatchewan, Canada Odessa, Washington, US Odessa, North Dakot ( Full Answer )