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Who was Odin?

Odin is, according to the mythology of the Scandinavians (Norway,Sweden, and Denmark), the all father and ruler of the gods. He was"born" when Ymir, the first being, a frost g ( Full Answer )
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What did Odin do?

He was the leader of the gods. He was also teased for knowing some kind of magic
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Is odin a god?

In Norse mythology Odin was a god, but he was devoured by Fenris (Fenrir the wolf) during the battle of Ragnarok, and so technically is no longer one.. Odin was the "Allfat ( Full Answer )
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What is the maiden of odin?

You must be refering to the Valkyries; atop winged horses they carried "heroes" who died in battle to Asgard, where, in Odin's hall, they would party and fight all day. The No ( Full Answer )
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Who are odins children?

Odin is the name of the main deity of the Norse mythology. He isregarded as the father of many men and Gods. The three Gods thatare recognized as his sons are Thor, Vali and B ( Full Answer )
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What was odins purpose?

Odin is the father of the gods and ruler of Asgard. He isassociated with war, battle, victory, death, wisdom, shamanism,magic, poetry, prophecy and the hunt. His purpose was t ( Full Answer )
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Why was Odin famous?

Odin was the Norse god of war and poetry. He is known for daring exploits, such as casting his eye into Mimir's Well to gain knowledge.
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What powers does odin have?

Odin can see to the future. he has a spear that can hit any target without breaking. Odin dosent eat food, he only drinks mead, any food goes to his wolves, Odin has two Raven ( Full Answer )
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Who is odins mother?

Odin is without parents. He is considered the all-father, thus he might in essence be of his own parentage.
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What did Hitler have with Odin?

Not much in common one was a god , the other a deluded tyrant , Hitler banned and persecuted the thule order which was nominaly Odinist.