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What is odors?

An odor is a foul scent. Many things can cause odors frompheromones to bacteria. Many products are available to eliminateodor effectively.
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Does glucose have an odor?

Glucose has no odor. It is a type of sugar. It is easily changed into energy by the body.
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Do canaries have odor?

Caged birds, like canaries, have little or no odor if cage iscleaned regularly. Their droppings dry almost immediately, unlessthey have diarrhea.
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Is odor a noun?

Yes, the word odor is a noun, a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a thing that stimulates the olfactory organ, a scent; a word for a thing.
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What is the odor of NH4OH?

The odor of NH4OH is very pungent in fact you can't even smell it after a fraction of second and continuous exposure for more than 20 - 30 minutes will be fatal.
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Does salvia have an odor?

Dried foliage of Salvia divinorum has only a subtle odor (much less noticeable than that of cannabis), although it produces a distinctive aroma when burned. Even when burned, (MORE)