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Does cesium have an odor?

Cesium (Cs) itself does not have an odor, but if you smell something odd, it may be from the mineral oil that it's been stored in. Cesium is the most electropositive of all (MORE)
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What is the odor of tin?

Tin is an odorless element. It is soft an pliable metal that issilvery white in color. It is corrosion-resistant because it isoxide film protected.
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Does salvia have an odor?

Dried foliage of Salvia divinorum has only a subtle odor (much less noticeable than that of cannabis), although it produces a distinctive aroma when burned. Even when burned, (MORE)
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What is foot odor?

Stinky feet. It can be treated with bacteria fighting powders or sweat absorbing pads in your shoes.
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Where does odor come from?

It depends what sort of odor you are asking about. Generally, smell is caused by tiny fragments of a substance being identified by receptors in your nasal passage (nose). If y (MORE)

What is arsenic odor?

Arsenic: symbol As; at. wt. 74.91; at. no. 33; valence states 3 and 5 and classified as a metalloid. has no detectable odor. Some of its compounds do have a very weak odor ... (MORE)

Is odor a noun?

Yes, the word odor is a noun, a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a thing that stimulates the olfactory organ, a scent; a word for a thing.
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Where can you get skunk odor?

Skunk quill is pure oil from a skunk farm, quite expensive, but there are artificial options as well.
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