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How did H.C. Oersted discover aluminum?

While H.C. Oersted actually didn't discover aluminum but was thefirst person to isolate the element aluminum. He did this via usingreduction on aluminum chloride.
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What is oersted law?

Its an experiment initially. So basically, if you have a compass placed ABOVE a wire with current passing through it, you can use a form of the right-hand rule to determine wh ( Full Answer )
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Who is Hans oersted?

He is a Danish Scientist and was giving a lecture in Copenhagen to try and show there was no connection between electricity and magnetism.
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What did Hans oersted invent?

Hans Christian Oersted (1777-1851) forever changed the wayscientists think about electricity and magnetism. While preparingto perform an experiment during a lecture, he found ( Full Answer )
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What did Hans Oersted discover around 1820?

Hans Christian Oersted was a Danish physicist and chemist who discovered thatelectric currents create magnetic fields, which was the firstconnection found between electri ( Full Answer )
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What is the observation Oersted Experiment?

when ever a current pass trough a conductor a magnetic field will be produced around that conductor in the for of concentric circles.
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What is the oersted effect?

This effects demonstrates the way electricity interferes with a magnetic field. A magnetic field will be changed by the passage of electric current. This is due to the orthogo ( Full Answer )
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What did Oersted conclude?

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