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What is a hospital IV?

IV stands for intravenous; meaning into the vein. An IV is usually place in a patients hand, or arms and provides a site of access to the patient's blood stream. This access (MORE)

What is the complication of IV?

There are a few complications. Two serious ones are phlebitis, which is inflammation and red streaks usually up the arm or, infiltration which is swelling and coolness at the (MORE)

What is IV bolus?

An IV bolus is usually just normal saline (or water) that is given to patients who are dehydrated from nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. It can be given if your heart rate is to (MORE)

What is iv?

  In roman numerals: 4 In medicine: Intravenous - into the vein.
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Can you iv hydrocodone?

You "can" intravenously inject hydrocodone, but most/all hydrocodone available in the united states is mixed with Tylenol. If you can find a way to separate the APAP (Tyleno (MORE)

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What is better IV morphine or IV Dilaudid?

The word "better" is very vague and patients can react very differently to medications. However, there are a number of advantages to selecting Dilaudid (AKA Hydromorphne) over (MORE)

What is IV push?

An IV push is used when medical professionals want to make sure a  medication will cause a patient to respond to its benefits quickly.  A syringe is connected to an IV deliv (MORE)

What element has melting point of 708 degrees C they must be an answer as its in my science paper. AND please dont refer me to the Periodic Table of Elements cos ive spent 3weeks looking at it?

The closest element to this melting point is radium with a melting  point of 700 degrees Celsius. It is a 2A alkaline metal with 2  valence electrons and is highly reactive. (MORE)

What is IV infussion?

IV stands for intravenous; meaning into the vein. Infusion means the process of administering a medication through the IV. An IV is usually place in a patient's hand, or arms (MORE)

What is Tin IV?

Is in the Chemical Compound with the formula SnCl4, called Tin(IV) Chloride. However, Tin IV is actually just tin in a specific oxidation state. It would be better to think of (MORE)