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What are the high school courses that are needed to get into Ohio State University?

  High School Classes Needed for Ohio State   Ohio State University has some classes that you need in order to get accepted. Those are:   * English - 4 units  * F (MORE)

Closest airport to Ohio State University?

The closest major airport to Ohio State University is Port Columbus International Airport (CMH / KCMH). It is about 8 miles by road from the university.
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What are the SAT scores needed to get in Ohio State University?

  Half of the current freshmen class at Ohio State University scored between 1130 - 1330 on the SAT. The median SAT score was 1203 for freshmen entering in 2007.   (MORE)

What year did Brett Powers quarterback for Ohio State University?

To the best of my knowledge, never. A Bret Powers did QB Arizona State at one point, I think in the '80s.   ----   1993. Bret Powers was #3 on the 1993 Buckeyes after (MORE)

Who founded Ohio State University?

The Ohio State University was founded as a land-grant university which means that it was founded by the state of Ohio to reap the benefits of the Morrill Act of 1862. The Morr (MORE)

What are the Ohio State University school colors?

Answer   Ohio State's intercollegiate sports teams are called the "Buckeyes" (after the state tree, the Buckeye), and participate in the NCAA's Division I-A in all sports (MORE)

What year was the Ohio state university founded?

Ohio State's roots go back to 1870, when the Ohio General Assembly  established the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College. The new  college was made possible through the (MORE)