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Where does oil shale come from?

  I've included a couple of links. Oil shale is a misnomer, as the hydrocarbon in the shale is distinctly different than crude oil. It should be called "kerogen in a shale (MORE)

What is shale used for?

Shale is used as filler in paint, plastic, roofing cement; as raw material for bricks; as landscaping and driveway material, and in some cases as a source of oil.
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How is shale formed?

Shale is formed as a result of many processes.   The first process involves the weathering and erosion of existing silicate rock, usually igneous or metamorphic in nature, (MORE)

What is shale?

Shale is a clastic sedimentary rock. Which means that it is a rock made from sediments derived from other rock and organic matter that are compacted or cemented together. Shal (MORE)

Why are we not producing oil from oil shale?

The reason that oil shale is not used to produce oil is because  this is what keeps the oil well from collapsing after the oil is  removed. If the oil shale were mined, the (MORE)

How is oil shale mined?

Shale oil is mined above ground in an open pit or underground.  Traditionally above ground open pit mining methods are used. Water  is used heavily in the process and ground (MORE)

Why is oil shale better than crude oil?

Perhaps your question should be rephrased as: Is oil shale better than crude oil. My simple answer is: Not necessarily. The oil shale is correctly termed kerogen or "unmatur (MORE)

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