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Why was the OJ simpsons trial important?

OJ Simpson's trial was culturally important because it raised the  issue of black and white race relations. It was also one of the  first court room trials to be completely (MORE)

Why was OJ Simpson charged civilly?

the jury came back with a not guilty verdict so in order for the family to get some type of closure in a guilty verdict you are allowed to take him to civil court and it almos (MORE)

Why was OJ Simpson arrested?

For an arrest there must be sufficent evidence or 'probable cause' that the suspect committed the crime. Many times police may have a very good idea who is guilty but must col (MORE)

Who were OJ Simpsons attorneys?

Simpson had a top-notch legal team headed up with F. Lee Bailey and joined by Johnnie Cochran and Robert Kardashian. Also known as the 'drean team' and cost Simpson around $12 (MORE)

How old is OJ Simpsons daughter?

It depends on which daughter you are refering to. Simpson's children are as follows: Arnell dob 12-4-68 (daughter) Jason dob 9-21-70 (son) Aaren dob 9-27-77 (daughter) died 1 (MORE)

Will OJ Simpson ever get out of prison?

On December 8, 2008 OJ was sentenced to 33 years with the possibility of parole after a minimum of nine years; so he should be eligible for parole in 2017 or 2018. His actual (MORE)

What did OJ Simpson do?

Professionally, he was a football player. If you mean what did he do where the law is concerned, nothing. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, the glove did not f (MORE)

What is OJ Simpsons email address?

  Hi my name is Angelica Simpson,   I am O.J. Simpson's secretary. O.J. has lots of fanmail but prefers to answer by e-mail. I can give you his e-mail address but he ma (MORE)