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What does 'the old ways are best' mean?

  It means that it is best to go with the way it has been done for years that you know, than doing something that you don't know is right or not. Like baking a cake. Follo (MORE)

What is the best way to clean old coins?

The first rule of coin collecting is "NEVER CLEAN A COIN" because if the coins have any collectible value, cleaning them kills it. I have seen many coins that have been reduce (MORE)

What are some ways of disposing an old television?

Various ways to dispose of an old television. 1 way would be to donate to your local charity, such as Salvation Army, American Red Cross or Goodwill, so they can repurpose it. (MORE)

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What is the best way to copy old photographs?

Scanners do a nice job these days. Before that, I used a color copier to do even the black and white photos. Before that, I used the micro lens on my SLR camera to take a 1:1 (MORE)