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How old was Christopher Columbus when he first sailed to the New World?

Christopher Columbus was a sailor from his teen years.    He first sailed to the New World in 1492 - he was born in 1451 that  would make him 41.   The Queen of Sp (MORE)

How old is the cast of girl meets world?

Rowan Blanchard (Riley Matthews): 11, born October 14th, 2002   Sabrina Carpenter (Maya Fox): 13, May 11th,2001   Danielle Fishel (Topanga Matthews): 33, May 5th, 1981 (MORE)

Did salt originate from the new or the old worlds?

  the old worlds because they used to use it to preserve meats, in some countries salt was as valuable as gold
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Do you like meeting new people?

  yes, because this for me is a good skill for my future. i want to be a retail assistant

New England town meeting?

Most towns in New England, as well as the rest of the country, have  town meetings. These meetings are usually open to the general  public and are a way for the people of th (MORE)

What five foods that went from the new world to the old world?

 potato  tomato  corn (maise)  bell pepper  chili pepper  vanilla  beans  pumpkin  cassava root  avocado  peanut  pecan  cashew  pineapple  blueberry  sunflow (MORE)