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How old was Bill Cosby's son when he died?

Bill Cosby's son Ennis died at age 27. He died changing a tire in the road and Mikhail Markhasev drove up and asked him for money when he refused he shot Ennis in the head n (MORE)

How many sons does Bill Cosby have?

He had five children: daughters Erika Ranee (b. 1965), Erinn Chalene (b. 1966), Ensa Camille (b. 1973), and Evin Harrah (b. 1976), and son Ennis William (1969-1997). His son E (MORE)

Did Bill Cosby's son die?

Yes. Ennis Cosby, the 27-year-old son of the actor-comedian, was murdered in January 1997 near the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles. While attempting to change a flat tire, he was s (MORE)