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Has Oldham played in the Premiership?

    Answer     Yes.     Oldham played in the premiership when it was founded in 1992, and had served in the final season of the First Division in 1991- (MORE)
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Is Dr Robert oldham doing research with CBT-1?

The research for CBT-1 has just completed phase III trials and is being reviewed for FDA approval. Dr Oldham was the primary researcher for this CBApharma investigation that s (MORE)

Where was camp covered bridge in oldham county KY located?

The Camp Covered Bridge Boy Scout Camp was located in Oldham County, Kentucky off Covered Bridge Road (State Road 329). Directions from Louisville, KY: East on Hwy 42 to Cover (MORE)
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Why are Oldham FC called the Latics?

  Because we're Oldham Athletic Football Club. Latics is a term derived from the shortening of Athletic, as local fans began to referring to the club as such. Over time, t (MORE)
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Can you explain Dryden's 'To The Memory of Mr Oldham' as an elegy?

the poem is an elegy done by dryden to say farewell to old ham a poet who died young the poem is written in heroic couplet (each 2 lines have same rhyme) here Dryden says (MORE)