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Why is oleoresin used in certain food products and as an industrial oil?

\nIt is used in food products because the body can digest it with enzymes and use it for fuel or store it as fat. It is used as an industrial oil because it does not fall apar ( Full Answer )
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What is in lovage oleoresin?

Lovage-, Levisticum officinale , is a perennial herb that looks like parsley and is in the parsley, or Apiaceae, family, like anise, dill, caraway, cumin, and fennel. Lovage ( Full Answer )
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How do you neutralize oleoresin capsicum spray?

Plenty of water spray and holding your eyelids open with your fingertips while standing facing into the path of a brisk breeze or a fan.
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Is Oleoresin Capsicum spray base or acid?

Though it is hardly soluble in water, I would chemically consider OC (pepperspray, (CH 3 ) 2 CHCH=CH(CH 2 ) 4 CONH CH 2 C 6 H 3 -4-(OH)-3-(OCH 3 ) as weak base rather than ac ( Full Answer )
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How do you produce oleoresin paprika?

Paprika oleoresin is produced by extracting it and turning it into a powder. There are added ingredients like organic solvents also. You must then remove the solvent from Misc ( Full Answer )