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What is an oligarchy?

A government in which a small group holds all the power is calledan oligarchy. Governments where power is concentrated in the hands of a smallgroup of people and successors ar (MORE)
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What countries have oligarchy?

The word oligarchy comes from two Greek words; oligo meaning fewand arkhein meaning to rule. Hence, an oligarchy is a system wherethe power is in the hands of small elite grou (MORE)
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The way of oligarchy?

An oligarchy is an elite group of men(never women) that control city-states. Oligarchy was usually greedy and harsh, and citizens and mercenaries, or Hoplytes (hOp-Lights) eve (MORE)
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Who has an oligarchy?

Oligarchy is a form of power structure in which power rests with a small number of people, either by royalty, wealth, family ties, corporate control, and military control. (MORE)
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What are synonyms of oligarchy?

Having looked this up in a Thesaurus, I couldn't find any, so I am not sure that there are.
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What is the purpose of the oligarchy?

An oligarchy was a rule by few. This meant that there were a few prominent and powerful families in power, who passed on their power from generation to generation, maintaining (MORE)
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How do you beat oligarchy?

The Oligarchs own the banks and those who control the money control governments. Governments enforce the laws created by the law makers who are owned by the Oligarchy. The bes (MORE)
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Why is oligarchy undemocratic?

Instead of free elections in these countries the elections are controlled and only one candidate is offered. Any kind of opposition is suppressed. It is a rule of a minority- (MORE)
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How do you get power in an oligarchy?

An oligarchy is a government where the power is centered among a small number of people. To gain a place in this type of government requires that either by wealth or family ti (MORE)
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Is Antarctica an oligarchy?

According to the Wikipedia definition of oligarchy: "a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution." . . . Antarctica is governed by the A (MORE)