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What is the pastoral elegy by Oliver Goldsmith?

The Deserted Village is the pastoral elegy written by Oliver Goldsmith who lived in England during the years 1728 to 1774. It weeps the death of not a person but the gradual d (MORE)

What is the essay The Man in Black by Oliver Goldsmith about?

The essay The Man in Black written by Oliver Goldsmith is a satirical piece of writing attacking the kind of socio-political situation that prevailed in England during the per (MORE)

Who is Jonathan Goldsmith?

A longtime actor, born 1938, he appeared in the tongue-in-cheek Dos  Equis commercials as "The Most Interesting Man in the World." An  example of his prowess is that he "onc (MORE)

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What is Zac Goldsmith most noted for?

Zac Goldsmith is most noted for his money, after inheriting all of it from his father- the late billionaire Sir James Goldsmith. He is a multi-millionnaire environmental campa (MORE)