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Was Olivia de havilland Jewish?

No, she was not. In fact, she was a spokeswoman for the Episcopal  Church. The actress was born in Tokyo in 1916 and moved to  California with her mother in 1919. As of Sept (MORE)

How fast was the de Havilland Mosquito?

Some Photo Reconnaisance versions of the Mosquito could exceed 425 mph. Some of these were used to fly unarmed to Sweden during WW2 to carry back cargoes of vital ball bearing (MORE)
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Does Olivia de Havilland have children?

The two-time Oscar winner, who turned 95 on July 1, 1916, has a daughter, Gisèle (born July 1956), from her marriage to French journalist Pierre Galante. She had a son, Benja (MORE)

Is Olivia de Havilland still alive?

  Olivia Mary de Havilland, born July 1, 1916, in Tokyo, Japan, lives today in retirement in Paris, France. She last acted in 1988, and her last public appearance was at t (MORE)
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