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Where is Olivia wilde from?

I think Olivia Wilde came from New York City U.S. But where she lives: Olivia Wilde Hamilton Hodell 5th floor 66-68 Margaret Street London W1W 8SR UK Secondary Address: Oliv (MORE)

Who is Olivia Holt?

Olivia Holt is an actress most recently on the Disney Channel. She  was born on August 5, 1997 in Germantown, Tennessee. When she was  only 3 years old, she started singing (MORE)
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Does Olivia Wilde have any sisters?

Yes she does! She has one older sister, Chloe Frances Cockburn. Also, if it interests you she also has a younger brother, Charles Philip Cockburn.
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What is Olivia Wilde known for?

  Most know from her stint in the OC or her role in House. You'll be able to catch her on the big screen this month when she joins the Judd Apatow crowd and plays a prince (MORE)

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