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How could you get Olivine?

Mining deep in the Earth cores.. Mining deep in the Earth cores.. You can also find Olivine in the Igneous rock Pyroxinite.. Olivine is the same thing as Peridot
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What is olivine made of?

Olivine is made of magnesium, iron, silicon, and oxygen. I found the answer of a chemical website because I needed to found out what olivine was made of too.
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What is olivine used for?

Olivine is actually used as a popular gemstone for many cultures.When rubbed, it is known to prevent health ailments and diseases.
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Where can you find olivine?

Olivine has been found all over the earth -- Egypt, Myanmar, South Africa, Russia, Pakistan, Norway, Sweden, France, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Ethiopia, Australia, China and th ( Full Answer )
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How does olivine form?

When volcanoes erupts 7-9 years later with lots of preasure it will turn into olivine
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How is olivine mined?

its mined by getting hot water putting it on the land where u want to mine then you try to get most of the dirt and stuff off of it then u dig it up and clean it off with ice ( Full Answer )
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Where can olivine be brought from?

Olivine can be bought off E-bay. They sell gems, rings, and other kinds of olivine jewelry. Regular gems not in jewelry can be bought too.
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Is olivine in the mantle?

There is olivine within the mantle, but it typically occurs at shallower depths (less than 400 km) as at greater depths than this the pressure causes olivine to become unstabl ( Full Answer )
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Is olivine on Mars?

Olivine is found in space rocks so it is certainly present in all the rock planets.
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What is olivine syenite?

Extremely iron-rich olivine is rare, but is present in somenepheline syenite. Other minerals common in minor amounts includesodium-rich pyroxene, biotite.