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Which boxer was nicknamed 'the omen'?

The only one i can think of is Spenser Oliver, who died in 1998 following a European title fight. Spencer Oliver is correct but he is still alive and well. Does lots of commen (MORE)

What are the omens associated with the wind?

  Heed the North Wind's mighty gale Trim the door and set the sale When the wind comes from the South Love will kiss ye on the mouth When the wind blows from the W (MORE)
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What is the omen of a bird flying into a window?

from what i understand the omen of a bird flying into a (open) window means that someone you know is close to death. this is what my older sister says and she is very educated (MORE)

What is a sentence for the word omen?

The dark skies were a bad omen for the outdoor barbecue. His dream of a beautiful rainbow was an omen that he should marry her.
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What omens are in The Odyssey?

An eagle with a white goose flew overhead and it was seen as an  omen that Odysseus would have revenge. Later in the same chapter, a  hawk is seen as an omen.
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What are adjectives for a omen?

Ominous: [Latin, ominosus < Omen] Of or being an omen, esp. an evil one. So, yes, ominous is the adjective form of omen.
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Why is the omen rated r?

In my opinion, being a father, there are moments in the Omen that dig deeply into the viewer's core beliefs, regardless of what religious upbringing you had, society and the m (MORE)