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What are bird omens?

Here is a basic list, not complete by any means but a very good start. Blackbird: A message of blessings. Bluebird: Happiness. Corncrake: A warning of misfortune to come (MORE)

What are omens?

An omen is "anything perceived or happening that is believed to portend a good or evil event or circumstance in the future." Finding a four-leaf clover, for example, is common (MORE)

What are the omens in the alchemist?

Urim and Thummin - rocks that help answer question. They fell out in Tangir and Santiago remember he should make his own decicions. Santiago himself - He was a good omen for (MORE)
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What is an omen seeker?

An omen seeker is someone who looks for an omen, which is a sign, that is either good or bad to seek out what the future will be like.
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What is an example of an omen?

An example of an omen are arrow heads, which are worn for purposesof warding off evil