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What are omens?

An omen is "anything perceived or happening that is believed to portend a good or evil event or circumstance in the future." Finding a four-leaf clover, for example, is common (MORE)
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When was the omen invented?

  I would say that omens and the interpretation of them has been with us for longer than written history. Humankind tends to need the reassurance of knowing their gods ( (MORE)
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What omens are in The Odyssey?

An eagle with a white goose flew overhead and it was seen as an  omen that Odysseus would have revenge. Later in the same chapter, a  hawk is seen as an omen.
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Do you say were an omen or was an omen?

It depends on context. "The meteors were an omen of pending disaster" or "the patrol's appearance was an omen of more to come" are both acceptable.
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Is there a scientific answer for omens?

A view i have adopted is that nature has evolved us with various psychical abilitys allowing for external stimuli to be interperted as a sign or omen or other form of pregogni (MORE)