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What does Islam say about Charms and Omens?

It is haram (forbidden) to use charms or believe in omens.    Answer-2   According to Islam, Almighty Allah enjoys the Sole Power of  deciding Good or Bad fate. No (MORE)

Are owls good omens?

In many cultures, owls signal an underworld or serve to represent human spirits after death; in other cultures, owls represent supportive spirit helpers and allow humans (ofte (MORE)

Is the owl a bad omen?

Not necessarily. The Owl is sacred to Athena, and so connotes wisdom. Consider the owls in the Harry Potter series, who are messengers. There are many different beliefs about (MORE)
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What omens are in The Odyssey?

An eagle with a white goose flew overhead and it was seen as an  omen that Odysseus would have revenge. Later in the same chapter, a  hawk is seen as an omen.