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What is greater omentum?

Rutherford Morrison called greater omentum as "abdominal policeman". it is the largest peritoneal fold and is developed from dorsal mesogastrium. it is a long wide- fold of (MORE)

How do you translate into English the Latin phrase 'Gnarus ut accepto veneretur carmine Divos Omentum in Flamma pingue liquefaciens'?

The Latin quotation Gnarus ut accepto veneretur carmine divos omentum in flamma pingue liquefaciens means "So that the expert may worship the gods with a pleasing song, meltin (MORE)

Location and purpose of the greater and lesser omentum?

The greater omentum is located in the stomach. It is like an apron  that extends from the greater curvature of the stomach to the  transverse colon. Its purpose is for fat d (MORE)