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What is omg?

"OMG" is an abbreviation for "oh my gosh" or "oh my God". and you can say that if you want to.
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What does omg stand for?

OMG stands for: . oh my god . oh my goodness . OMG . oh my gosh . Orangez Mangoz gummiworms.
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What are the lyrics to OMG?

[]: oh My oh My gosh i did it again, so I'm gone let the beat drop oh My gosh [usher]: baby let me.. baby let me.. baby let me.. [chorus]: baby ( Full Answer )
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Who is omg girlz?

This teenage group that consists of Star (Zonnique Pullins),Beauty (Bahja Rodriguez) Babydoll (Breaunna Womack) . The start in 2009 on the tv show tiny and toya. It consisted ( Full Answer )
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How do you can use omg?

The word means Oh My God... You often use it texting, it would be used with irioni or with overdoing you're voice
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OMG stands for?

OMG stands for O h M y G od, O h M y G osh, O h M y G oodness and O ld M an G loom.
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What rhymes with omg?

Bee, fee, he, key, lee, me, P, 3, V, we, ye, sea, Z, glee, tree, filigree, heresy, guarantee, ideally, celerity, agree, decree, conceivably, unbelievably, foresee, majesty, ty ( Full Answer )
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How can you get in the omg group?

just scream at the top of your lungs omg and if u r in say omg all the time
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What is the plural of OMG?

The plural of OMG or oh my god is OMGs or oh my gods. As in "oh my gods I believe in more than one god".
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Is OMG a noun?

Oh my god, its slang, not a real word, it's a slang acronym. As slang, it's used as an exclamation.