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Omission and commission?

Basically, omission is neglecting to do something and commission is doing something. The two words together are often associated with ethics and sin. Is it okay to just never (MORE)

What is omission?

Omission is the act of leaving something out. It is usuallypurposeful, but can sometimes be an accidental exclusion. Omissioncan have negative connotations when it refers to a (MORE)
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What are omissions?

Noun 1 . something that has been left out or passed over 2 . an act of missing out or failing to do something: we regret the omission of these and the names of the other f (MORE)

What is a omission?

Something that has been left out of has been neglected. When someone has been given a responsibility and has failed in that responsibility. It is neglecting to do something; l (MORE)

What is the act of omission?

Generally speaking, this is when an individual omits a person from their Will, when that person would normal have a right to inherit. The is achieved by a "Letter of Omission" (MORE)

What is editing-omission?

editing omission means to edit the wrong words at wrong places.for ex- sita wint to london tommorow. ans-sita went to london yesterday

Omission in a sentence?

The omission of his name from the movie credits is regrettable. He lied by omission when he failed to say that he had in fact been there that night. It was an omission to (MORE)

What is an error of omission?

An error of omission is the failure to take some action that should have been taken by one with comparable knowledge and under under similar circumstances. It essentially equa (MORE)