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What is the doctrine of holding out?

if a person falsely represents himself or permits to represent himself as a partner of the firm falsely then he will be holding out to be responsible for all the losses which (MORE)

How do you hold a tarantula?

While handling of tarantulas is not supported by most breeders, many people like the novelty of being able to hold a large spider. It should only be done in controlled circums (MORE)
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Can you hold your budgie?

Yes you can hold your budgie. There are two ways to hold your budgie one way is to carefully put your hands over his/her wings and pick him/her up but I find that most budgies (MORE)
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What is the agency by holding out?

Agency by holding out The principal is bound by the acts of the agent if, on earlier occasion, he made other persons to believe that the person doing the same acts on his be (MORE)

Can you hold a rabbit?

Yes, you can hold pet rabbits! You should not try holding wild rabbits -- wild animals should be left alone, for their safety and yours. Some rabbits don't like to be held at (MORE)
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What holds the eyeball?

6 tendons, along with many blood vessels that when doing an Enucleation, have to be cut and then a "plunger" type device inserted into the socket, to stop the bleeding. So, th (MORE)
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What do terrariums hold?

Typically, terrariums create a small environment mimicking the larger environment the sample came from. Terrarium are filled with air; if filled with water, they would be aqua (MORE)