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How does a mangonel or an onager technically work?

The design of the scorpion, which they now call the onager, is as follows. Two beams of oak or holm-oak are fashioned and given a moderate curvature so that they seem to bulge ( Full Answer )
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Who invented the onager siege engine?

If you mean the ancient catapult, used as a stone-throwing war machine, nobody knows, but you can bet it was a soldier or military engineer.
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How does a onager work?

Bundles of rope would be help together by a piece of wood. When this wood was released the force of the rope would prepel the lever.
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What does the onager use as ammo?

The onager was a form of military catapult, and typically used stones as ammunition. It could also throw incendiary devices (intended to start fires). In some cases, dead anim ( Full Answer )
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Is a onager like a ballista?

no, it is from a different country (rome) but it is a versian of a catapult
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What is the difference between a catapult and an onager?

They're basically the same thing except that the onager was an earlier design, used more around Roman times while a catapult was bigger and was modified for medieval usage.
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Is an onager a herbivore?

Yes, it's related to horses and donkeys. It's often referred to as an Asian donkey. Onsager were once domesticated and are mentioned in the Bible as "donkeys", their being nat ( Full Answer )
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What is the history of the Onager catapult?

Actually, we don't have a lot to go on. At the end of the 19th century, the nobleman and amateur historian Ralph Payne Gallwey wrote a book about the crossbow, and in it he de ( Full Answer )
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What is a Roman onager?

The onager was the largest siege engine in the Roman army. It was a one armed spring/torsion device nicknamed the "wild donkey" because of its powerful kick when fired. The o ( Full Answer )