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How do you have faith?

Faith simply means believing. We all believe in something, some people believe the answer is how much money they have... I put my faith in Jesus Christ, the living word of (MORE)

What is faith?

Faith is believing something. It is an important part of all major  religions.    ANSWER   Faith is a noun, one that denotes action. One must actively take  steps (MORE)
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Is this a true story Blind Faith?

No, it's not a true story. But regardless a great movie and very deep insight into the many weaknesses of our cultures that built our great civilizations. I guess justice is s (MORE)

Do you believe Jehovahs Witnesses are the true faith?

There are many, many faiths, but are you talking about ...the true Christian faith? ...or the true footstep followers of Jesus Christ and worshipers of the almighty God, Jehov (MORE)

Is Catholicism the one true faith?

The True Faith has to have four marks; One, Holy, Catholic or Universal, and Apostolic. The Catholic Church has these four marks. One meaning: one Church, united in Faith and (MORE)

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Is Blind Faith based on a true story?

Yes, Blind Faith is based on a true story. It is a book and a TV show, and a lot of details have been changed in both to keep the person's identity hidden.
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What is one main different between the Christian and the Jewish faiths?

The Jewish faith has a very long history, and rests mainly on:   1.) The Faith of their Fore-Father, Abraham: who believed God and  was credited with Righteousness.   (MORE)