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Use onerous in a sentence?

Some felt that the twelve tasks of Hercules were too onerous for even him. The onerous mission cost our entire team their lives. It was quite onerous to bury the person s (MORE)

What has been the temperature trend oner the last 100 years?

Globally, the temperature has been rising. It hasn't been completely constant, as aerosols tended to flatten the trend during the 1960's for example. It also has been a strong (MORE)
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Is oner a noun?

Yes, the slang term "oner" is a task accomplished in one try, or in one continuous act.

Who is Big G Oner?

Big G Oner also known as Gage Bridger, also known as Obi Oner Kenobi. His fully sick jedi skills give him the ability to do the impossible. =]