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Why is succession considered an ongoing process?

Succession is the sequence in which one person after another succeeds to a title, throne or estate. There is always a replacement, and that is why it is an ongoing process.
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What is ongoing training?

On-going training is most common form of training. It is carried out with existing members of staff with the aim of updating their skills and developing them as people. Manage ( Full Answer )
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Why growth is an ongoing process?

In nature and Business Growth only seems an ongoing process, even change is only an ongoing process when viewed over time. We seem to be in an expanding universe until it star ( Full Answer )
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Katekyo hitman reborn ongoing?

There has been news leaked around the internet about Katekyo hitman reborn continuing in spring 2011, and will be renamed as Hitman Reborn x Generation, im not quite sure myse ( Full Answer )
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Is there ongoing research into a cure for diverticulitis?

yes, the first point on the agenda would to figure out what diverticulitis should mean, who invented that term and why (s)he is not yet taken out and put against the wall. Doe ( Full Answer )
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Is gakuen Alice still ongoing?

yes it is well at least the manga, the anime had stopped but there is a *rumor* that there was going to be a second season.
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Is ongoing one word or two?

I think the word "ongoing" is only one word, but it has two syllables that are two separate words.
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Is Kamikami Kaeshi Still ongoing?

Yes, but updates are slower since the mangaka is working on another one of her mangas, Watashii ni xx Shinasai, which has more updates than Kamikami Kaeshi.
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What causes ongoing weight loss?

There are many possible causes of unexplained weight loss, including undiagnosed celiac disease and thyroid disorders. Potential causes of unexplained weight loss include: ( Full Answer )