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What is ontology?

Ontology - knowing the nature of man who exists or may have existed in a particular place & time. Ontology - knowing the nature of man who exists or may have existed in a part (MORE)

What is ontology of man?

I am not sure what you mean by ontology in this context. By man I assume you mean humanity. Man's ultimate purpose is to live and flourish, forever or as close to forever as p (MORE)

What is the ontological argument?

The ontological argument is an argument used to prove the existence of God from premises derived using a priori reasoning, that is, using reason and intuition alone. Some (MORE)

What is ontological perfection?

[In the absence of someone else answering, who has the person's name etc. .] I do not know the author offhand, but someone constructed a proof that God exists, that included (MORE)
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What is ontological equality?

the notion that everyone is created equal in the eyes of God source: As You May Ask Yoursef by, Dalton Conley 2008

What is ontological empiricism?

Ontological Empiricism is the belief that all knowledge comes from the senses, or "Experience" in a metaphysical (which is sort of like.... "Thinking about thinking") manner. (MORE)
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What is an ontological argument?

An ontological argument is a philosophical discussion regarding the existence of God. In addition, the argument is based on certain underlying facts being true.

What is the ontological theory?

I think of God as the greatestconceivable being. A being can exist merely as anidea, or in reality. It is greater to exist in realityrather than just as an idea. If I thoug (MORE)