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What is oogenesis?

Answer . \nOogenesis or rarely oögenesis is the creation of an ovum (egg cell).\n. \nIn mammals, oogenesis occurs in the ovarian follicle of the ovary. Oogonial transf ( Full Answer )
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What is the process of oogenesis?

oogenesis is the development and maturation of the ovum, a process which occurs within the female reproductive system.
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What are spermatogenesis and oogenesis?

Spermatiogenesis is the process of producing sperm and oogenesis is the process of producing egg cells. fertilization
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What is the oogenesis of rat?

The oogenesis of a rat is the period of time in a female when theovum is immature. The process begins with oocytogenesis and endswith a mature ovum.
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The final product of oogenesis is one?

The cellular product of spermatogenesis is four spermatids. Thefinal product of oogenesis is one ovum and three polar bodies.
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How long does it take oogenesis to occur?

The process of oogenesis occurs beginning just before female's birth with the creation of haploid sex cells, then are arrested (stopped) until the female begins ovulation as p ( Full Answer )
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When does crossing over occur for oogenesis?

prophase I, exactly in pachytene the synaptonemal complex is formed between the thickened chromosomes and recombination or crossing over occurs.