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What objects are opaque?

Objects that do not allow light to pass through them completely are called opaque objects .
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Is a book opaque?

Yes, books are usually opaque. Opaque means to block the passage of radiant energy and especially light.
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Why is milk opaque?

casein (the protein in milk) and the fat molecules deflect and scatter the light particles so they cannot bounce back to your eye from the other side of the glass...instead bo (MORE)
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Is brick an opaque?

Bricks made of opaque material such as clay or mud are opaque, and bricks made of glass or other translucent material are not opaque.
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Is chloride opaque?

Chloride of what? The word chloride can refer to a chemical compound in which one or more chlorine atoms are covalently bonded in the molecule. This means that chlorides can (MORE)
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Is a window opaque?

No, a window is transparent which means you can see though it . I remenber thins because the word for see-through is trans(parent) which has the word parent in it. For example (MORE)
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Is metal opaque?

Yes because you can't see through it. If it was transparent then you would be able to see through it. :)
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What is a opaque germ?

if you are good at science you will no that opaque means clear so an opaque germ is a clear germ that you cant see
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What is opaque drawing?

1. not transparent or translucent; impenetrable to light; not allowing light to pass through.. 2. not transmitting radiation, sound , heat, etc.. 3. not shining or brigh (MORE)
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What colors are opaque?

Opaque is not a color. If something is opaque, it refers to how much light cannot travel through an object. Personally, I hear it used in reference to gemstones quite a bit. F (MORE)