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What is the Open theory of the universe?

It is the idea that the universe will continue to expand forever. By contrast, the closed theory states that gravity will eventually cause the universe to shrink. (I think (MORE)

What is the International Open University US?

International Open University US is an accredited Cmagroup of Hong Kong Institution. The Institution is registered in the State of Florida as a Private University, Inc. The Cm (MORE)

Which was the 1st open university of India?

First open university of India is Dr. BR Ambedkar Open University. Distance education was initiated in India, in the form of a correspondence course in 1962 by the Delhi Univ (MORE)

In what year did auburn university open?

Auburn University was established in 1856 as the East Alabama Male College, 20 years after the city of Auburn's founding. In 1872, under the Morrill Act, the school became the (MORE)
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Is Mumbai university open on Saturday?

Mumbai University was founded in 1857 by John Wilson. Mumbai  University is open on every first and third Saturday of the month  and is closed on the second and fourth Satur (MORE)

WHEN WAS the open global university is recognised?

AS far as employment under central government is concerned, GOI has issued a Notification No. 44 dated 1st March 1995 which stipulates that all the qualifications awarded thro (MORE)

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