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How old is opera?

Opera as an art form is approximately 400 years old.  Some of the earliest works recognized as operas are:    Dafne (1597) by Jacopo Peri  Euridice (1600) by Jacopo (MORE)
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Why is Opera famous?

very fast and convinient very cheap especially to expensive data charges it makes it very cheap The above refers to the computer program of the same name. Opera is famous bec (MORE)

Phantom of the opera?

Phantom of the opera is a famous musical written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. It is based off of the book "Le Fantome De l'Opera" by Gaston Leroux. The novel is based on true event (MORE)

What is an opera?

  It's like a play, but the story is sung instead of simply spoken. As in a play, the characters act and there is staging. Some operas have spoken dialogue between songs (MORE)

What is Opera?

An opera is a dramatic work to be sung with instrumental accompaniment, usually with scenery and in costume.    Opera is also the name of the web browser and internet s (MORE)

What does software do?

Software refers to the programming and various programs and files on your computer, for example, your operating system (windows xp/vista/7) is considered software, as is your (MORE)

Why software is software?

Hardware is a mouse, keyboard, etc. Software is the programs you have. Its called software because you can't hold it.
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What is the best opera?

One of the most popular operas is 'La boheme', by Puccini, which always plays to packed out houses, although anyone who sees the Oscars knows that popularity doesn't always me (MORE)