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What are conditional operators in C language?

The conditional operator in C (and C++, C# and other languages) consists of two symbols, '?' and ':'. Together, they can be used to form an expression from three subexpression (MORE)

What are examples of operant conditioning?

Operant conditioning is a type of learning where there is an  association between behavior and the consequence of that behavior.  Example of operant conditioning are: parent (MORE)

What is operational conditioning?

Operational conditioning,(also known as instrumental conditioning) is a condition that parents use a lot. The point of this conditioning is rewarding your child for every time (MORE)

What is the conditional operators in c language?

The conditional operator is also known as ternary operator. It is called ternary operator because it takes three arguments. The conditional operator evaluates an expression re (MORE)

What are the conditions in parallel operation of motor?

blah Comment: The only way you may connect motors in parallel is, across the same electrical supply i.e fed from the same supply. The amount of current supplied through that (MORE)

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Examples of classical and operant conditioning?

An example of classical conditioning would be a child fearing the dentist. One time the dentist hurt them, and now the sound of the dentist's drill instills fear. The uncondit (MORE)

2 What is conditional operator?

The conditional operator (? :) is a ternary operator (it takes three operands). The conditional operator works as follows:   The first operand is implicitly converted to bo (MORE)