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Is operating system an embedded system?

An embedded system can include an Operating System to performsupport functions for the application software and hardware.Because of the restrictive nature of an embedded syste (MORE)

What is the difference between a network operating system and a operating system?

  Many operating systems now can run on standalone computers and also on networked computers. Standalone or generic operating systems are the ones which run on standalone (MORE)

What is the first operating system of GUI system?

  The Xerox 8010 Star Information System was the first operating system to have a GUI, in 1981. Shortly after, in 1983, the Apple Lisa operating system, followed by Maci (MORE)

What is clustered system operating system?

A clustered system is two or more computers that share access toeach other's disk storage or to a separate storage system(s). Thiscan include satellite systems without any har (MORE)

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Why are operating systems called operating systems?

In simple terms, they help the computer to operate. They are the software that makes a computer work and enable users and applications to use them. They help operate the inter (MORE)