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Who are alpha kappa alpha brothers?

  While some people consider the men of Alpha Phi Alpha to be the brothers of Alpha Kappa Alpha (due to both organizations being the first founded for African-Americans), (MORE)

Alpha phi alpha grip?

The Grip begins with your thumb. Firmly press your thumb between the other persons thumb and pointing finger. Retract your thumb, as if to throw up the sign, and put it back d (MORE)

What is the alpha phi alpha train?

  This is the Alpha's signature move where one leg raises and the arms move up and down simultaneously This move is the personification of a trains locomotion. It was deri (MORE)

Who are the alpha angels of alpha phi alpha fraternity if the alpha kappa alpha?

The Alpha Angels Inc was founded in December 4 1962 by 7 Founders of Alpha Phi Alpha in which there are 4 Angels that was the beginning of little sisters of the Alpha Phi Alph (MORE)
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Which is alpha and which is omega from alpha and omega?

If your talking about the animated wolf movie that came out on DVD January 11, the alpha is the tanish brown wolf called Kate.Other alphas are Garth,Winston,Tony,Eve and more. (MORE)
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What is a alpha?

An alpha is a dog/wolf that is a leader or hunter of a pack. Like in the movie "Alpha and Omega, omegas are wolfs that are not pack born. Alphas and Omegas can be male or fe (MORE)