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What are praying mantis?

Praying mantis are long, slender insects with four legs on their abdomen and two claw-like thingies, where it's arms should be. The claw-like thingies are full of spikes, for (MORE)

What does the praying mantis do?

A typical praying mantis usually spends its time camouflaged and waiting for insect prey to pass by. Other than that, they mate, drink water droplets, and lay egg-sacks that c (MORE)

What praying mantis?

Praying mantises are insects with three body parts: head, abdomen and thorax. There more than 2000 species all around the world. They are mainly green or brown in color. A (MORE)

How do you mate a male praying mantis and a female praying mantis?

First, You should have a container ( I suggest a large Kritter Keeper) you can add a variety of plants in your Praying Mantid habitat and also mist it a lot to keep it moist. (MORE)