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Is there OPIATES in pot?

does hydrocodone show positive on a pot drug test Only if your pot was laced with opiates. If not, no. Marijuana does not naturally contain opiates.
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What does an opiate do?

Opiates bind to dopamine receptors in the central nervous system, dull pain and can be euphorigenic.
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What is an opiate?

An opiate is any drug derived from the seeds of opium poppies, suchas opium or heroine. However, there are lots of synthetic drugswith similar effects which are also considere (MORE)
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Where are opiates legal?

Narcotics and/or Opiates are legal when prescribed to you by a licensed physician for acute or chronic pain. Doctors have a special DEA# to register under in the event the (MORE)

Is amitriptyline an opiate?

No, amitriptyline is not an opiate. It is a tricyclicantidepressant that, these days, is more often used as anadjunctive (helper) treatment in pain management. It appears tore (MORE)
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Is ketorolac an opiate?

No it's not opiate-containing substance. Ketorolac doesn't affect the brain in anyway, it interwines the hormones( that controls the pain and inflammation) that are in the blo (MORE)
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Are mushrooms opiates?

I believe you are reffering to psychedelic mushrooms/magic mushrooms. The answer is no,magic mushrooms are in no way shape or form an opiate of any kind shape or form.
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Is flexiril an opiate?

Flexiril is an muscle relaxant and is not an opiate at all. As I always say, i am not a pharmacist, nor do i have any pharmacological training, so, please be careful with any (MORE)
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What i opiate?

Opiate describes any of the opioid analgesic alkaloidsfound as natural products in the opium poppy plant