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Why did the opium war start?

The Opium War started with the British East India company selling  Opium in India, when the market for Opium in India ran out the  British decided to trade with China.   (MORE)

What was the purpose of the opium war?

1839-42 and 1856-60, two wars between China and Western countries. The first was between Great Britain and China. Early in the 19th cent., British merchants began smuggling op (MORE)

When were the opium wars?

  The Opium Wars occurred from 1839 - 1842, it was fought over Britains right to sell opium in China. When the Chinese Government finally had enough of their people becomi (MORE)

Why did the Chinese lose the Opium Wars?

The Chinese lost the Opium Wars because the British had superior arms. ^wrong actually its  Chinese weapons were no match for British gunboats. To be more specific: (part (MORE)

What were the causes and results of the opium wars?

Causes:British aggression and expansionalism. - Opium became the most valuable commodity trade in the 19th century and financed much of Britain's colonization of India.Amount (MORE)

What were the Opium Wars?

The First Opium War was a war fought between the British and  the Chinese over the trade of the highly addictive drug, opium. The  First Opium War lasted a long three years (MORE)
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Casualties opium war?

The First Opium War was fought between the United Kingdom and theQing Dynasty of China. The war resulted in a victory for Britain,and it is estimated that there were upwards o (MORE)

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