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What were iconoclasts opposed to?

Icons. In the Orthodox religion, images of Jesus and the saints are worshipped as if they were Jesus or the saints themselves. At one period in the Byzantine Empire, a group o (MORE)

What opposed the confederacy?

Who opposed the Confederacy? The Union opposed the Confederacy in the Civil War. The Union was the North and the Confederacy was the South.
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Who opposed the gentiles?

gentiles Additionally: Gentiles are "all the nations of the world who are not the blood descendants of Abraham" [the twelve tribes of Israel] whom God called out from among t (MORE)

What are opposable thumbs?

us humans have opposable thumbs which means that we can easily move it around and it will help us to grab things alot easier, some animals however have thumbs that are very sh (MORE)

What does opposed mean?

The word opposed can mean one of two things. The first meaning to  put and ends to; the second meaning to have conflict or go against.    One more thing that i want to (MORE)

What is opposing imagery?

Opposing Imagery - Images  with positive connotations juxtaposed with images with negative  connotations, used in connection with opposing ideas in order to  associate nega (MORE)
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How do you oppose gravity?

You can't shut gravity off or insulate yourself against it, so the  only way to fight it   is to use a force in the opposite direction that's greater than the  force of (MORE)

Who opposed Octavian?

Several Roman leaders opposed Octavian. Marc Antony opposed him from day one. Yes, they were triumvirates together but that was a compromise deal in which each man was basical (MORE)

What opposed to socialism?

This question does not make sense, but if I had to wager a guess  I'd say the person asking either wanted a list of the negative  aspects of socialism or wanted to know why (MORE)