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What is the opposite of opposed?

The opposite of opposed (adjective) would be supporting, in favor. The opposite of the past tense opposed could be supported or favored.
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What is opposing imagery?

Opposing Imagery - Images  with positive connotations juxtaposed with images with negative  connotations, used in connection with opposing ideas in order to  associate nega (MORE)

Oppose in a sentence?

The demonstrators plan to oppose the new shopping mall. I oppose anything curtailing civil rights. Oppose means to hinder, counterbalance or resist.
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Who opposed Islam and why?

The question is very general, yet I will try my best to shed light on what I understand from it; Islam is the religion of all the true prophets from God e.g. Noah, Ibraham, Mo (MORE)
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Is oppose a verb?

Yes. Past tense: She opposed the new road through town. present tense: They oppose every suggestion I make.
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What were iconoclasts opposed to?

Icons. In the Orthodox religion, images of Jesus and the saints are worshipped as if they were Jesus or the saints themselves. At one period in the Byzantine Empire, a group o (MORE)

How do you spell oppose?

That is the correct spelling of the verb "oppose" (go against, or act against).
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What was opposed to socialism?

The political word that most closely represents the opposite of socialism is 'plutocracy', but then again, any form of economic elitism that seeks the political objective of m (MORE)