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What are some fact about opposable thumbs?

Opposable thumbs are use to holding on and pick up small objects. The macaques use their opposable thumbs to hold the tool to use it. Without opposable thumbs it could be hard (MORE)

Why did Northerners oppose the annexation of Texas?

Whenever there was opposition from the North regarding the western  territories, it generally was about the issue of slavery. Texas, a  huge territory, was open to the conce (MORE)

Those who opposed slavery were referred to as?

The group of people during the Civil War that were opposed to  slavery were referred to as abolitionists. One of the most famous  abolitionists was Benjamin Franklin, who wa (MORE)

What are opposable thumbs?

us humans have opposable thumbs which means that we can easily move it around and it will help us to grab things alot easier, some animals however have thumbs that are very sh (MORE)

What Opposing viewpoints on hurricanes?

Hurricanes, also known as typhoons, are among natures most  catastrophic storms. A major point of contention in the scientific  community and government regard the role of h (MORE)

What is opposing imagery?

Opposing Imagery - Images  with positive connotations juxtaposed with images with negative  connotations, used in connection with opposing ideas in order to  associate nega (MORE)
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Why do orangutans have opposable thumbs?

The name â??orangutanâ?? translates into English as â??man of the  forestâ??. It comes from Malay and Bahasa Indonesian. Having  opposable thumbs means they can touch ea (MORE)

Who opposed the fourteenth amendment?

President Andrew Johnson firmly opposed to the Fourteenth Amendment and recommended the former Confederate States not to ratify the same if it were to become a law. This oppos (MORE)

What opposed to socialism?

This question does not make sense, but if I had to wager a guess  I'd say the person asking either wanted a list of the negative  aspects of socialism or wanted to know why (MORE)