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How do you use the word oppression in a sentence?

Oppression is the act of exercising authority in a way that causes pain, hardship, or suffering. "Many African tribes suffered oppression at the hands of the colonial powers. (MORE)

Why did Pharaoh decide to oppress the Israelites?

Based on Exodus 1: 8-11 (The Bible) we can say that since the Israelites started to grow in huge numbers and multiplied extraordinarily in Egypt, filling the entire land, the (MORE)

How do people resist oppression?

Oppression is not just taking rights away forcefully. Oppression is the repeated use of force and trickery to limit access to resources and oppressors usually target a group i (MORE)

What is a oppress of toll?

If from Emily Dickinson's poem, "There is No Frigate Like a Book," the phrase 'oppress of toll' refers to a financial burden of some kind, the oppression of a financial toll. (MORE)

How was the oppression in China similar to the Holocaust?

The oppression in China is based on the same human nature as the holocaust, racism. However, deaths caused by the oppression itself does not add up to the amount 6 million, th (MORE)

What is oppressive bureaucracy?

Bureaucracies legitimizing oppression and corruption.  It may also refer to bureaucracies which are so tied up in administration that real tasks do not get done. The paperwor (MORE)
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Did communist Russia oppress Jews?

Communist Russia oppressed Jews and any other religious beliefsthey considered a threat to communism. That meant all religions.
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