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What does oppression mean?

Oppression is the detrimental domination of a society or group. This can be by a government or authority, or by one societal group over another group. It may be designed to pr (MORE)

What is demonic oppression?

Demonic oppression/possession is a state in which an individual is influenced by demons i.e. evil angels associated with the devil's work on earth. It is thought that some de (MORE)

What is oppression?

The English term 'oppression' means 1: the state of being kept down by unjust use of force or authority:; 2: a feeling of being oppressed; 3: the act of subjugating by cru (MORE)
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What is oppression research?

oppression research is when you do research through books, internet , people and other forms to find out what oppression is and to go in deep detail about it . (i think so... (MORE)
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What is a oppress of toll?

If from Emily Dickinson's poem, "There is No Frigate Like a Book," the phrase 'oppress of toll' refers to a financial burden of some kind, the oppression of a financial toll. (MORE)

What is the meaning of oppressive?

Oppressive means done in a way that stifles, that prevents free or open action. Applied to societies, it means that a ruler, group, government, or authority acts to control, d (MORE)

What is oppressed?

Keep (someone) in subservience and hardship, esp. by the unjust exercise of authority. It means an individual or a group, even a country that are burdened with cruel and unjus (MORE)