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What is an optician?

Opticians, Dispensing Design, measure, fit, and adapt lenses and frames for client according to written optical prescription or specification. Assist client with selecting fra (MORE)
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What do opticians do?

They check your eyes for diseases and problems . They assess what level of correction (glasses, lenses) you require to see correctly . They should be visited every 2 years (MORE)

What are the qualifications to be an optician?

The requirements for becoming an optician in the United States varydepending on where an individual intends to work. Approximately 23states require opticians to be licensed or (MORE)

What is a apprentice optician?

An optician's apprentice is someone who is being trained to performthe responsibilities of a registered or licensed optician. While anapprentice is able to dispense eyeglasses (MORE)

What is the salary for optician?

An optician's salary is dependent on several different factorsincluding experience, credentials, geographic location, andemployer size. In general, an individual who is just s (MORE)
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What does opticians involve in?

Opticians are involved in checking the eyes and prescribing glasses. They also provide a service for screening the eye for glaucoma and diabetic screening which are essential (MORE)
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What would you do if you were a optician?

I would likely buy a house because they make more money than I do, as a rule. What you mean to ask is, "What is an optician?" or "What do opticians do?" If I am not mistake (MORE)