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What is the value of a Singer Model 29-1?

The Singer Model 29 series came out in the 1920s and are still used by leather and shoe repair workers because of the long, narrow needle platform. They are incredibly strong (MORE)

Who made the Sears 22 cal Model 1 rifle?

  The Sears Model 1 22 caliber rifle was a single-shot made by Winchester. Winchester also made the gun as their model 121. I have a "junior" model of the Sears Model 1 th (MORE)

What is heuristic optimization?

Where the 'query tree' or 'algebra tree' is transformed using a set of predefined rules that will improve the queries performance. Performing the selections as early as possib (MORE)

What is the definition of 'optimization'?

  By Merriam-Webster dictionary, to optimize is to make as perfect, effective, or functional as possible. In engineering, optimization is a collection of methods and tech (MORE)

What is Optimization techniques?

3 types of Optimization techniques are : 1.On page Optimization your website should be seo optimiz Title should be 60 cht dec shlould be 158 cht put alt tags on image (MORE)

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What does Optimized means?

Optimized is the seek of the desired condition whether to maximized, minimized or reach a certain desirable value within the boundary of limited constrain.
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What is economic optimization?

it is the best use of available scarce resources in such a way that the satifaction level is we can say minimum usage of resources and maximum level of output.
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What is query Optimization?

Answer   Queries of a database can be fast or slow. Depends on a lot of things. The size of the table, the amount of data you are requesting from the query, etc.   One (MORE)