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What is optimum temperature for escherichia coli?

Answer   "37 degrees celsius"     ....Is the temperature of the gut in which E. coli lives, so you might call that 'optimal.' Note that the optimal growth rate fo (MORE)

What is the optimum blood pressure reading?

The optimun reading is: 120 mmHg and 80 mmHg; sometimes said 120 over 80 Where 120 mmHg is the systolic blood pressure and 80 mmHg is the diastolic blood pressure It is i (MORE)
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What is optimum temperature?

Increase in temperature speeds up the the rate of enzymes catalyzed reactions but only to a point .Every enzymes work at its maximum rate at a specific temperatures called as (MORE)

What does optimum mean?

Optimum means the very best conditions to grow and thrive. A person in their home can think of all the things that make things perfect. Good and tasty food, just the right tem (MORE)

What is the optimum temperature for sorghum germination?

Sorghum has optimum temp for root growth is at 30˚С, Sorghum optimum temp for root growth is at 35˚С, therefore sorghum has an optimum temperature range of between 25-35 (MORE)

What is optimum allocation?

Optimum allocation is when productive and allocative efficiency co-exist. Productive efficiency is achieved when when products are made with the least possible use of the re (MORE)
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What is the optimum pH for the enzyme Arginase?

Most arginases have an alkaline pH optimum, with maximal velocities observed in the range of pH 9.0-9.5. For the rat liver enzyme, plots of logVmax versus pH provide a pK valu (MORE)
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What is meant by an enzyme's optimum pH?

Optimum pH is the pH at which the enzyme works the best. At the  optimal pH the enzyme will have the greatest amount of activity.  Most of the enzymes have their optimal pH (MORE)
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What is ment by an Enzymes optimum pH?

An enzyme's optimum pH is the pH (that is, degree of acidity of alkalinity) that the enzyme catalyses reactions fastest at. If the pH varies too much from the optimum, the enz (MORE)