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What is optimum temperature?

Increase in temperature speeds up the the rate of enzymes catalyzed reactions but only to a point .Every enzymes work at its maximum rate at a specific temperatures called as (MORE)

What does optimum mean?

Optimum means the very best conditions to grow and thrive. A person in their home can think of all the things that make things perfect. Good and tasty food, just the right tem (MORE)
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What is an optimum?

An optimum in biology is the most favorable environment for growth and reproduction of an organism in respect to the amount of heat, light, moisture, food, etc., available..

What is the meaning of optimum?

You could calculate it as an integral function in calculus to maximize the desired outcome or product - what have you. Personally, I think it's just another way of saying b (MORE)

What is optimum allocation?

Optimum allocation is when productive and allocative efficiency co-exist. Productive efficiency is achieved when when products are made with the least possible use of the re (MORE)

What is consumer optimum?

THIS represents a solution to a problem facing all individuals -- maximizing the satisfaction (utility) from consuming different goods and services subject to the constraint o (MORE)
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What is an optimum range?

Optimum range is the level of water quality in the pond that will make sure that stock is as healthy as possible..