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What is an option school?

  an option school   aperson that isn't pasing a sertain grade has got to go to an option an option school they help you to pass the grade that you are no a (MORE)

What is the call option and put option?

Call options are contracts that allows you to buy a stock at a fixed price no matter what price it is in the future. You usually buy call options if you think a stock is going (MORE)

Futures and options?

Futures are contracts that allows you to buy certain commodities at a certain price by a certain date. Unless closed out, futures contracts are binding and the buyer of the co (MORE)

What is options house?

OptionsHouse is a broker dealer based in Chicago that offers a Web-based, near-professional trading platform -- specializing in trading options. Highly ranked, the platform fe (MORE)

What is an option?

Options       An option is the right to buy or sell the underlying commodity (e.g., stock) during a specific future time at a predetermined price.     The (MORE)

What is a call option?

In commercial contracts, there are situations of defaults/deadlock between the parties. In such a situation parties are given options, like put and call options as exit strate (MORE)

What does optional mean?

Something that can be chosen but is not required. For instance, you can have a hamburger, but do not need to have pickles on it, they would be optional.
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What is an option contract?

An option contract is basically a contract that give the  holder the rights, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an  underlying asset (Example stocks) at a predetermined (MORE)

What is a property option?

A financial derivative that represents a contract sold by one party to another party The contract offers the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a security (MORE)